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Free Flash Tutorials > Natural Button

Components for Adobe Flash.
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Using Natural Button components you can create original animated logo within 7 minutes!

1. Create a new document
2. Open panel Components > OF Components
3. Drag and drop one of the components NButton
4. Set the necessary parameters (Colors, Font, Size, etc.)
5. Copy the button and paste the required number of buttons
6. Set labels for buttons
7. Set instance name for each button (e.g. b1, b2,…)
8. On Timeline create layer - actions
9. On action layer insert 2 keyframes.
In the first keyframe you write:
In the second keyframe you write:
Attach sound to the first keyframe.
10. Copy these keyframes and paste them on layer actions, omitting several frames.
Change “b1” with “b2” and so on
11. Use it.
P.S. Size of swf file of this example is only 14 kB, including sound and embedded font.
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