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Support > Turbo-Fan Buttons

Library of buttons for Adobe Flash.
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Use of library

1. Create a new Flash document.
2. Open the library: Window > Common Libraries > OF Turbo-Fan Buttons.
3. Open the library of your Flash document. (Ctrl+L)
4. Select the necessary folders of the buttons and the folder with common symbols "OF Turbo-Fan Common".
5. Drag and drop selected folders into your library.
6. Drag and drop the button to the scene.
7. Set the color of the button:
Change the color of "DISPLAY" and the color of "FRAME" and the whole button will change the color. This lets you easily select the necessary color for the button. You can also change the color of fans, shutters and gas.
8. Change the font and the text of "LABEL" and select the label's color.
9. Attach the action to the button.
Set the frame rate minimum 25 fps.
11. Test the scene. (Ctrl+Enter)

Button's Folder

Button folder
Button chiaroscuro
Button display/color
Button basis
Button label/name
The structure of buttons can be changed.


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