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Support > Animated 3D Human Models

Library of vector animations for Adobe Flash.
  Read More about Animated 3D Human Models   Download Animated 3D Human Models

Use of library

1. Create a new Flash document.
2. Open the library: Window > Common Libraries > OF 3D Human Models.
3. Open the library of your Flash document. (Ctrl+L)
4. Drag and drop selected movie clip or graphic to the scene.
5. Test the scene. (Ctrl+Enter)


Sample 1: You can transform, rotate, skew, flip (Mirror reflection of a movie clip gives 3 additional directions of movement and 5 additional fixed poses) and repaint (Edit > Find and Replace... or [Ctrl+F] for parameter "color") human models. Look the tutorail How quickly to change color of character's elements. You can change the properties of color: brightness, tint and alpha.

Download the Sample 1 with preloader (.FLA format)
Sample 2: You can create banners, collages and animations with realistic 3D human models.
Download the Sample 2 with preloader (.FLA format)
Sample 3: You can create games with realistic 3D human models.
Download the Sample 3 with preloader (.FLA format)
Sample 4: You can create banners with realistic 3D human models.
Download the Sample 4 with preloader (.FLA format)
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