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Q. How can I install the component “OFNButton.mxp”?
A. The component is packaged in the standard Adobe extensions file type (.mxp).
For installation of the component, run Adobe Extension Manger.
(Adobe Extension Manger can be downloaded free from http://www.adobe.com/).
Open Adobe Extension Manager and select the Flash version in which you want to use the component. After that open the item of menu “File” and choose “Install Extension…” Then find the file “OFNButton.mxp” where you have saved it and click “Install”. Follow the instructions on screen.
Q. How to use the component?
  • Open development panel “Components”
  • Find group “OF Components”
  • Drag and drop a component into your Flash project
  • Set parameters of the component
  • Use it
Q. Why label is not seen on the button?
A. See property “Embed Fonts?”.
If you chose "true", then the label's font was included into swf file and
was smoothed under condition that you had used this font in your project
at another place.
If you choose "false", then the label's font will not be smoothed. In this case you do not have to use this font at another place in your project.

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