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You can use the 3D Guide-characters for creating original banners, buttons, pointers and animation

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Free Flash Extensions > 3D Guide-characters

Library of 3d vector animations for Adobe Flash CS4-MX 2004.
  Download 3D Guide-characters - living banners


3D Guide-characters - living banners - is the library for Adobe Flash.
Every object is an animated 3d character.
A character holds a banner or points at a banner.
A banner can consist text information, graphic elements and animation.

The movement of banner or parts of the body are connected with events - rollover and rollout. The eyes of some characters follow the direction of the movement of the cursor.
The heads of the characters turn following the direction of the cursor.

3d Guide-characters can be used as a banner, button or pointer.
Such objects catch people's eyes at once and prompt to active actions.

4 characters in one set


3d Guide-characters is compatible with Adobe Flash CS4-MX 2004.

Usage of flash library

Support: You can create banners, buttons, pointers and animations with realistic 3D human models.


The library is packaged in the standard Adobe file type (.fla).


If you have any questions concerning installation or usage of the component, see FAQ page or Contact Us
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