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You can use the Fantasy Buttons for creating site's menu

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Free Flash Extensions > Fantasy Buttons

Library of buttons for Adobe Flash CS4-MX 2004.
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Fantasy Buttons is the library for Adobe Flash.
Library contains 36 different vector buttons, sounds and textures.
You can easily change all parameters of any button.

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36 flash vector buttons in one set


Fantasy Buttons is compatible with Adobe Flash CS4-MX 2004.


Usage of flash buttons

Support: You can easily change all parameters of any vector button.
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The library is packaged in the standard Adobe extensions file type (.mxp).
For installation of the library, run Adobe Extension Manger.
(Adobe Extension Manger can be downloaded free from http://www.adobe.com/).
Open Adobe Extension Manager and select the Flash version in which you want to use the library. After that open the item of menu “File” and choose “Install Extension…” Then find the file “OFFantasyButtons.mxp” where you have saved it and click “Install”. Follow the instructions on screen.


If you have any questions concerning installation or usage of the component, see Support section and FAQ page or Contact Us
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