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This tutorial shows how a realistic animated signature is made.
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3D Spinning Earth Globe

Animations for Adobe Flash


3D Spinning Earth Globe the simple movie clip. It contains set of 36 rendered real texture images 200x200 px.
You can use this swf file independently.

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Fantasy Buttons v.1.0.0

Library for Adobe Flash


Fantasy Buttons is the library for Adobe Flash. Library contains 36 different vector buttons.

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Download Fantasy Buttons


3D Guide-characters v.1.4.0

Library for Adobe Flash

3D Guide-characters - living banners is the library for Adobe Flash. Every object is an animated 3d character. A character holds a banner or points at a banner. A banner can consist text information, graphic elements and animation.

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Download 3D Guide-characters - living banners


Animated 3D Human Models v.1.0.1

Library for Adobe Flash

Animated 3D Human Models is the library for Adobe Flash. Library contains 4 vector characters. Each character can move in 5 (+3 reflected) directions and has 5 (+5 reflected) fixed poses.

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Download Animated 3D Human Models

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